2017 Participants & Dates

The fee for the 2017 Mountaineering Camps: Rogers Pass is $645.  This fee covers a week’s worth of nutritious and hearty meals and snacks, cabin rentals, group climbing gear (acquisition and maintenance) and a team of Porters we hire to carry our all of our food and group supplies to our high camp – plus team hats and badges, etc.. This is approximately half of what commercial operators charge for similar camps.

A $200 non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of your application being approved with the balance due by February 28 of the year of camp.

NOTE #1:  We require all youth applicants to write the Event Leader a brief letter setting out why they want to come to MCamp.  Please include your thoughts/reactions to the information (stories, photos, whatever) set out in this website (please include a brief comment about something from each page).  We do this to prevent youth from being signed up by a parent or group without their enthusiastic consent (MCamp is no place for unwilling participants).

Note #2:  In the event both weeks do not fill up, we will merge the two weeks into one week and the one week would be the first week of July.

Note #3:  In the event that there is sufficient demand, we may add additional weeks of camp. To be able to book the cabin for additional weeks, we need months of lead time.  If you want to come, don’t keep it a secret.  Bottom line: you snooze, you lose.

Note #4: This is not a “Group” activity per se.  If, for example, one group wanted to book every spot for one week of the camp, then the organizers would basically be running a camp for that group.  That is not the purpose of this camp.  MCamp is for motivated individuals.  The desired scenario is where the most diverse group of participants comes together to forge a new team on the mountain.  Accordingly, no more than three youth participants and one adult participant from any one group may attend during any one week (the organizers reserve the right to limit group attendance even further based on the demand for positions each week).  Further, application must be made individually and not by group leaders.

Note #5: MCamp is scheduled during the first two weeks of July so that we have the best snow conditions on the mountain possible.  As the summer progresses, less and less snow is found near the cabin to use for training.  It is an unavoidable reality, therefore, that MCamp may conflict with other scheduled early-summer events.  We apologize for the inconvenience but there is simply nothing we can do about it.

BOLD (Black) = Application Approved.
BOLD (Maroon) = Confirmed*.
These events are generally limited to 9 youth and 3 leaders per week due to the size of the alpine cabins we use.
The first 12 with paid deposits are confirmed*; everyone else will be “wait listed” and places given out on a first-paid-first-served basis (subject to event leader’s prior approval of the applicants).

2017 Mountaineering Camp: Rogers Pass

===== WEEK 1:  GIRL POWER* =====
>> July 1-8 <<


Updated:  January 10, 2017


1.  B. Jody LotzkarEvent Leader, 1st Mountaineer, West Vancouver, B.C. [MCamp13-16 Organizer]
2.  Valerie Williams, 1st Mountaineers, Vancouver, B.C. [MCamp15 & 16 Instructor]
3.  Amanda Sambrielaz, 1st Glenvalley Scouts, Kelowna, B.C.

Expression of Interest:



1.  1st Mountaineers  [MCampxx Participant]
2.  1st Mountaineers  [MCampxx Participant]
3.  Heather, 17, 1st Mountaineers, Maple Ridge, B.C.
4.  Abigayle, 16, 1st North Grenville/Kemptville Scouts, Ottawa, Ontario [MCamp16 Participant]
5.  Miranda, 13, 1st Okotoks Scouts, Okotoks, Alberta  [MCamp16 Participant]
6.  Madelyn, 14, 1st Okotoks Scouts

Wait List:

Remember….everyone is merely “pencilled in” until camp fees, etc. are paid.  If you want to attend, please apply and we will put you on the “wait list”.  Cancellations do happen and we will go to the first person on the “wait list” to fill those positions.

* The Event Leader is male.  All other participants will be gals.


2017 Mountaineering Camp: Rogers Pass

===== WEEK 2:  CO-ED =====
>> July 8-15 <<

Updated:  January 26, 2017

Leaders – Adult:

1.  B. Jody LotzkarEvent Leader, 1st Mountaineers, West Vancouver, B.C. [MCamp13-16 Organizer]
2.  Simon Lotzkar, 18, 1st Mountaineers [MCamp13 & 14 Participant & MCamp16 Assistant Instructor]

Leaders – Youth:

3.  Kier, 15, 1st Mountaineers  [MCamp13, 14 & 15 Participant & MCamp16 Assistant Instructor]

Participants – Adult:

4.  Gary Black, 1st Mountaineers
5.  Tom Carr, 2nd Leduc SAR Vents, Leduc, Alberta
6.  Andrew Nichols, 1st Brooks Scouts, Brooks, Alberta

Participants – Youth:

7.   Quinn, 13, 1st Mountaineers
8.   Andrew 17, 1st Airdrie Scouts, Airdrie, Alberta
9.   Ian, 14, 18th Morrisroe Scouts, Red Deer, Alberta
10.  Kevin, 12, 1st Brooks Scouts, Brooks, Alberta
11.  Wyatt, , 2nd Leduc SAR Venturers
12.  Connall, , 2nd Leduc SAR Venturers
13.  Nathaniel, 13, 2nd Leduc SAR Scouts
14.  Zachary, 13, 3rd Prince George, Prince George, B.C.

Wait List:

Remember….everyone is merely “pencilled in” until camp fees, etc. are paid.  If you want to attend, please apply and we will put you on the “wait list”.  Cancellations do happen and we will go to the first person on the “wait list” to fill those positions.



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  1. Julie

    I can’t see anywhere how much the camp is, and yes I have checked out the registration page.

  2. Lisa Kelly

    I am looking for the gear list for the 2017 mountaineering camp. Can you help

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