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Mountaineer Scout Logo with ShadowWelcome to the official website for the 1st Mountaineer’s annual Mountaineering Camps (we call it “MCamp” for short).  MCamp is open to any youth aged 11-17 seeking a new challenge and a real adventure.

If you want to see what we do up in the mountains of British Columbia during these week-long alpine camps, check out the action from MCamp13MCamp14 (weeks 1 & 2), MCamp15 and MCamp16  (week 1: Girl Power Week) in these short videos:

≈ MCamp16 ≈
Week 1: Girl Power Week

≈ MCamp15 ≈

≈ MCamp14 ≈
Weeks 1 & 2

≈ MCamp13 ≈


So…who wants to join us for a real adventure?

2013 Mountaineering Camp


“No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity.
For he is not permitted to prove himself”
― Seneca

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