UPDATED:  November 24, 2016

NOTE:  The MCamp Application Form can be found on the “Registration” drop-down menu system  above.


MCamp is for all youth aged 11-17 who are willing to step outside their comfort zone and participate in a real challenge.

The cost for the 2017 Mountaineering Camps: Rogers Pass for registered members* of Scouts Canada will be $645 (this includes a week’s worth of nutritious and hearty meals and snacks, lodging rental, group climbing gear and a team of hired Porters to carry our all of our food and group supplies to our high camp – plus team hats and badges, etc.). This is approximately half of what commercial operators charge for similar camps.  A $200 non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of your application being approved with the balance due by February 28 of the year of camp.

* Non-member youth pay an additional approximately $30 to register as a Scouts Canada “summer member” to attend MCamp.

NOTE:  This is a very individual experience.  Not everyone will want to pursue it.  We require all youth applicants to write the Event Leader a brief letter setting out why they want to come to MCamp.  Please include the prospective participant’s thoughts/reactions to the information (stories, photos, whatever) set out in this website (please include a comment about something from every page).  This process is simply to ensure that an applicant actually wants to attend and is not being signed up without his/her enthusiastic consent by a parent or group leader.

The 2013 team puts their best foot forward...crampons too.

The 2013 team puts their best foot forward…crampons too.

These events will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis subject to the Event Leader’s approval of each applicant. These events book up rather quickly. Don’t wait until the last-minute to book your spot!

All details subject to change.

This camp is dependent on a number of variables and is run by volunteers. We must be flexible and organize it accordingly.

NOTE:  If you are a returning MCamper, we will expect you to help out as an Assistant Instructor during the week and, in return, we will credit you 24 hours of volunteer service for your participation.

The 2013 team is ready to begin practicing ice axe

The 2013 team is ready to begin practicing ice axe “self-arrest” in the blazing sun at our alpine training ground behind the Asulkan Hut. Sunglasses and sunscreen are mandatory in this environment!

Special Parental Consent Forms:

ad·ven·tur·ous  [ad-ven-cher-uhs]
1. inclined or willing to engage in adventures; enjoying adventures.
2. full of risk; requiring courage; hazardous: an adventurous undertaking.

Because of the adventurous program we run at this camp, we need additional parental consent for the activities we do that fall under Scouts Canada’s “Category 3 Activities” as set out in its By-Laws, Policies and Procedures (BP&P):

BP&P – 10000.1 – Activity Categories:  “Category 3Long-term overnight activity of three nights or longer, (as defined in Section 10000.2),or activities of shorter duration, but requiring advanced levels of skills and competencies.  For this category, “Accepted Practices for Conducting Outdoor Activities” would apply. In addition to these practices, the “Acceptable Practices for Specific Outdoor Scouting Activities” may also apply. See Sections 10006 & 10007.”

Related specific outdoor activities under BP&P:
10007.7 – Artificial Wall Climbing
10007.8 – Top Rope Rock Climbing
10007.9 – Rappelling

Mountains are inherently dangerous environments.  While we do our best to mitigate risk during the camp, accidents can happen.  It is important that parents inform themselves about what it is that they are giving permission for their children to do at this camp.  Thoroughly reviewing this website is the best way to do this (e.g., check out the video page to see the actual activities done in past camps, etc.).

This camp involves glacier travel using ice axes and crampons and we will be teaching participants to use their ice axes to perform “self-arrest” (a method of stopping falls).  Here’s mountaineering legend, Ed Viesturs, explaining the basics of ice axes and ice axe self-arrest (along with a little clowning around during ice axe self-arrest practice):


Accordingly, parents of youth participants will have to sign a special Category 3 (“CAT3″) Consent Form acknowledging acceptance of the risks of this particular camp and giving permission for emergency medical treatment of their children in their absence.

The following CAT3 Consent Forms cover mountain climbing (including glacier travel) for the 2017 Mountaineering Camps:

2017 Mountaineering Camp – Week 1: Parental Consent Form for Mountain Climbing and Glacier Travel

2017 Mountaineering Camp – Week 2: Parental Consent Form for Mountain Climbing and Glacier Travel

Parents: Please download the form for the camp your youth is attending and sign and return it to the Event Leader well prior to the camp (with your deposit or with your final camp fee payment).


~~~~~ REALITY CHECK ~~~~~


We must be blunt about the nature of this camp:  There will be no room to cater to an individual “changing his/her mind” and asking to “go home”.  There will also be no room to cater to an individual discovering on the trail up into the mountains that he/she is not fit enough for this trip.  Please take every effort to sort these matters out in advance.  It would only take one individual to ruin the week for the rest.  We will be living in close quarters with each other and will have little room to accommodate personal “eccentricities”.

This camp demands a personal commitment by each individual participant!

No one should come unless they have reviewed this website and have satisfied themselves that this is a challenge to which they are personally willing to commit.

To that end, all youth participants will be required to write a brief letter to the Event Leader setting out why they want to come to MCamp.

There are also some minimum standards expected of your clothes and equipment for this camp.  If you arrive without proper footwear, wearing jeans and/or have a backpack full of cotton clothing, you will not be permitted to join the team.  Make no mistake: you will be rejected on the spot!  We will work with each participant well in advance of the camp to assist them in preparing for their week in the high mountains but, at the end of the day, each individual must accept personal responsibility for themselves.

We are not trying to scare anyone away…we just need to be real about this camp.

Do a minimum amount of advance preparation and then get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Welcome to MCamp.  Welcome to the High Life!

The 2013 team on the summit of Youngs Peak (9,235 ft/2,815 m).

“There are only 3 real sports:
bull-fighting, car racing and mountain climbing.
All the others are mere games.”
– Ernest Hemingway
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